Ramblings: University

University. Ah, where to begin.

At the moment I’m in the first semester of my first year at university, studying Creative Writing. And I’m having a good time. Sure, it’s taking something I love doing and making it an academic exercise, and for a long time I worried that doing so would ruin the experience of writing for me.

So far it’s been quite the opposite. Putting the craft of writing in such a structured environment has really helped me, I think. For starters, I’m not just writing for me anymore. Pretty much everything I’ve written in the last two months, I’ve written knowing that someone else is going to read it. It helps me with the editing process, knowing that others are going to strip away the fluff of my writing so I might as well do it myself (does that make sense?). And learning about theme and structure and history and theories and the like gives me more to draw on when doing my own thing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not flat out stealing other people’s stuff, but knowing how and why someone did something in their own writing helps me to figure out how and why I should do something in my own.

And the people. Gone are the shallow, self-obsessed, “I’m only here ’cause I need a HSC to get my job/course of choice and then it’s adios, suckers!” people of my high school days (though I’ll admit, I was only at school those last few years ’cause I needed my HSC to get into my uni course). Now I’m going to class and I’m surrounded by smart, talented, creative, nice people. If any of them happen to be reading this, I totally mean it, and if you bring this up in class I’m gonna write something scathing about you on here. That’s right, I said scathing.

It’s not all smiles and roses. There’s work. Writing does become a function, something I have to do, but for the most part I manage to cope by reminding myself that I chose to be here, I wanted to learn more about writing and improve and all that jazz. I try to find passion, fire, that creative spark that guided the creation of other works of mine, and channel it into my assignments and class tasks and stuff. And I’m better off for the work, ’cause I managed to take a couple of story ideas of mine and make them into not-half-bad stories. If anyone wants to read one, e-mail me or comment me or something. Seriously. It’ll be nice to know someone’s reading.

And the UniBar. Oh boy, the UniBar. I love the UniBar like kin, but it takes my money without remorse. Chips, beer, pool, ridiculously lame jukebox tracks (“Bob the Builder” anyone?), it’s expensive and it’s time consuming and it’s brilliant! For every hour I spend in classes I spend at least the same amount of time at the UniBar, if not more. Thankyou, UniBar, and curse you!

Uh, let’s see, what else to cover… writing, class, people, work, bar… yeah, that just about covers it. I’ll check back in on the subject of university once the semester finishes. Fingers crossed it’ll still be the same brilliant experience it is now.

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