Ramblings: I’ve lost my shirt, I’m on my rings

Get the idea? I’ve had a cock-up of a day, made all the worse by the knowledge that it’s my fault in no small part.

Let me backtrack.

This story began last night, when I started coming down with a flu. This was bad, not just because I hate the flu, but because today I was supposed to be finishing the folding for my pamphlet delivery job, and then delivering them all in the afternoon. When I got up this morning I felt like crap, with a major headache, sore throat, the sniffles, the shivers, and a feeling of general discontent.

So, I spend all morning folding up the bundles of pamphlets and by midday I’m pretty much ready start deliveries. I shifted the cars around so that I could load all the pamphlets into the back of my car in the garage (’cause it’s a damn sight easier doing it there), shifted the other car onto the grass, closed the garage door–

Now, at this point I realised that I’d cocked up. ‘Cause I didn’t have a house key on me. I had my iPod, and my wallet, and the keys to the other car, but not the stuff I really needed to do my deliveries, or to get into the house.

I should bring up my flu again. ‘Cause in addition to already being sick, I had to spend four hours sitting in the backyard wearing a t-shirt and shorts, and it was getting colder by the minute. Not a pleasant way to spend an afternoon.

My sisters started arriving home at around 2:30pm. None of them had their own house keys. It wasn’t until Daddy dearest rocked up at 4:30 that we were able to get into the house. Immediately I took something like three Panadol, two cold and flu tablets, a Lentix, and a partridge in a pear tree.

And I’ve still gotta do my deliveries tomorrow. While sick. Not fun.


P.S. IDIOT! That’s me: certified, bonafied, A-grade idiot. I always thought it was “on”, but someone tells me it’s “pawned”. Shows me the lyrics and everything. *headdesk*

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