Ramblings: Uh… stuff happens?

University started back a couple of weeks ago, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. I really like Uni. I mean, aside from the ‘having to do assignments’ bit, I get to spend a few hours a week talking to a bunch of people who love writing and know their stuff. And the people in my classes are just plain cool. Not to mention that the UniBar, a cafe and a good make-your-own-sandwich place are only five minutes away at the most.

The employment front is where things are going not-so-well. My old job, on top of having crappy pay and ridiculous hours, conflicted with my new Uni schedule, and so I quit two weeks ago. Since then I’ve been scouring the Illawarra for work, from the local Bottle-O to the donut shop to a Bowls Club on the other side of the lake. So far I’ve done a training shift at said Bowls Club that went all right, and I’m doing another one later this week. A few days ago I went down to Jamberoo to do a group interview for a Retail Assistant position… and I’ve gotta ask, how much can an employer learn about the candidates when the group interview only lasts about ten minutes? Did my group and I do so poorly that the interviewers thought “fuck this, get ’em out of here pronto”?

So on that note… if anyone in the Illawarra knows about any jobs going, would you mind dropping me an e-mail? I’d appreciate it. 😀

You guys have a good one,


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