Ramblings: I’ve Created A New Verb

Assessmenting. The act of completing assessment tasks. Synonymous with ‘beating one’s head against a brick wall’.

The last week has been preoccupied with assessment tasks. The 750 word essay on Madame Bovary. The 1,000 word short story on the moon landing. And now, to be handed in tomorrow, a ten minute monologue. In the past twenty minutes I’ve come to the realisation that there’s only one kind of character that can give a ten minute monologue and make it work: supervillains. Unfortunately, I’d already finished the monologue when this idea occured to me.

There’s always next time.

For the entire week, I’ve been bored out of my skull. Twitter is systematically devouring my free time. I’ve had no one to talk to, except for the odd conversation on MSN and some back-and-forth tweets. Job hunting has occupied a few days, as has some intermittent assessmenting. I’ve made a half-arsed attempt to drum up support for “Pretend To Be A Time Traveller Day” in 2008, as you can tell in the previous post. So far, no responses. I’ve done some work on the first Eidolon short story: I figure I’m about half way through, and so far I think its coming along well. Good God, I lead a boring life.

You guys have a good one.



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