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Support An Indie Author: This Could Be You In A Few Years

August 26, 2008

I may a have no money, but I have a blog, dammit!

Support Mur Lafferty, a new, up-and-coming author who’s kick-arse first novel, Playing for Keeps, is being published today. Buy a copy today from to help the novel rise up the chart and gain publicity for the genre, for the author and for new media fiction in general. Not sure what you’re getting into? Listen to the novel as a free PodioBook, or read the free PDF.

So, yeah. Go hog-wild. Support new media fiction, podcast authors, up-and-comers and the SF/F genres in literature.

Okay-dokey, want some more incentive? Buy Playing for Keeps now, and you can knock Stephanie Meyer and all those bloody Twilight books off the top of the charts. Who doesn’t want to see that?