What I’m Working On

For the record, this is as much a motivational tool for me as it is anything else. If I put up information in what I’m doing and what I plan to do, here for everyone to read, it’ll keep me motivated to finish everything, if for no other reason than because I don’t want to look like an idiot.

Last Updated: Sunday, 31st of August, 2008


Black Ops (Working Title)
Prose Novel
Genre(s): Science fiction, military, adventure, thriller
About: Set over 150 years in the future, during an interstellar war between two factions of humans. Follows an infantry soldier in the war, on the side of the “Empire” who winds up completely over his head and working for some shady people. The first in a series.
Update: Okey-dokey, I was doing some self-editing on the 25,000 words I’d already written and decided I wasn’t very happy with it. I feel like I don’t have a decent grasp of the characters, or how the begin the story. So I’m taking a cue from one of my favourite writers and taking a step back from this particular story, so that I can develop the background and the context a bit better. To that end, I’m writing a few prequel short stories about several of the characters, detailing some of the larger events in their lives and how ended up in the situations they end up in during the novel.

Untitled “Doctor Who” fan-fiction
Format: Serialized Prose Short Story
Progress: Approx. 300 words
Genres(s): Science fiction, action, drama
About: Yeah, I write fan fiction. So sue me. This is the second in my miniseries, about the Doctor and his companion finding an alien army commander who’s gone a bit insane while in captivity and is plotting escape and revenge on its captors. Again, this is another one I’ve got a good feeling about.

Format: Serialised Short Story Anthology
Progress: Approx 3,500 words
Genre(s): Science fiction, superheroes, action, drama
About: The story of a blue collar superhero, his white collar nemesis, good mates, ex-girlfriends, mad scientists, over-the-hill coppers, duty, revenge, and crime.
Update: I’ve reworked the concept. The plot stays the same, but it’s coming to fruition as an anthology of short stories, connected by a pretty solid story arc. It also means there’s an opportunity to have other writers I know write stories within my little universe. I’d love to podcast the series eventually, and I think it could really work.


WRIT122 (Prose Fiction) Assessment Task No. 3 (I think)
Format: Short Story
Progress: 450 words approx.
About: The final assessment task for WRIT122, I had an idea recently and had to get cracking. I think it’s going well so far. It follows two friends, one of whom believes that he’s seeing “signs” – of the divine, ominous variety – that are helping him in life. The other doesn’t believe it, but once introduced to the idea, he starts seeing signs as well. The tone is somewhere between “Twilight Zone” and “Wonderfalls”.


“The End of the World”
Format: Unknown
Progress: Pre-planning and notes
Genre(s): Science fiction/fantasy, drama
About: A series of some kind, about individuals in a modern city in the middle of a sudden ecological disaster. Death, destruction, lots of water, and drama as people try and do their own thing in the middle of the big event.

Wright to Remain Silenced
Format: Screenplay
Progress: 15 pages
Genres(s): Fantasy, action, thriller, crime, mystery
About: Something I started on during Script Frenzy and… failed, miserably. But I like the story, which mixes a hardcore police crime drama with epic fantasy.


The Narkaenic Stratagem (“Doctor Who” fan-fiction)
Format: Serialized Prose Short Story
Genres(s): Science fiction, action
About: My first “Doctor Who” fan fiction. Aliens try to turn humans into slave warriors. My very own original Doctor and Companion.

WRIT121 (Writing for Stage and Screen) Assessment Task No. 1
Format: Scripted Monologue
Progress: 10 minutes approx.
About: The first of this semester’s assessment tasks, it’s a monologue, ten minutes long, that we have to write and then perform for the class.

WRIT122 (Prose Fiction) Assessment Task No. 1
Format: Prose Short Story
Progress: Approx. 900 words
About: A short story, to be based on a historical picture. I have a photo of the moon landing, and plan to write something comedic to counter to grandness of that historic moment.

WRIT129 (Writing Theory) Assessment Task No. 1
Format: Theoretical Essay
Progress: 750 words
About: An essay on Gustave Flaubert’s realist novel Madame Bovary. Not looking forward to this one.

WRIT129 (Writing Theory) Assessment Task No. 2
Format: Theoretical Essay and Oral Presentation
Progress: 10 minutes approx.
About: An essay and presentation on Herman Melville’s novel Moby Dick. I picked the novel ‘cause I wanted to read it, which drew a few raised eyebrows from other people in the class and even the lecturer, who thought it was a rubbish book. Not good.


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